Dana Duplan - guitar, vocals

photo: Dave McGhee
Dana Duplan has had a guitar in his hands since he began walking, starting with a plastic “toy” guitar, progressing to a home made “cigar box” guitar, and ultimately his first “real” guitar at age 10. He began playing in bands in elementary school, and has performed with various groups continually since that time. With a father from Louisiana, and a mother from Texas, there was always good music around the house. Dana’s formal introduction to the Blues was at age 14 by his 1st guitar teacher, who introduced him to the 3 Kings, Muddy Waters, Mike Bloomfield, and many others. While other kids were asking for bicycles for their 14th birthday, Dana asked for tickets to his first concert: a dream lineup of B.B. King, Freddie King, and Albert Collins. It was pretty much over then, and Dana was hooked. As a dedicated scholar of the Blues, his interests span from pre-war acoustic Blues, to West Coast, Chicago, and Texas electric styles, as well as British Blues, first encountered while in his teens. He has honed is skills performing in a variety of settings for over 40 years.

Dana states: “My dedication and enthusiasm for my craft burns as strong today as it did on the day that I strummed my first note, and my affiliation with Cadillac Wreckers is a culmination of that passion.”